Aug 12

It sucks that it takes the death of a major movie star for the media to recognize how common depression and suicides are.

Dec 16

I’m watching my aunt while she’s recovering in the hospital.

The film “Ghost” is playing on television. Jesus that film is depressing. I guess I shouldn’t expect less from the guy who also wrote “Jacob’s Ladder.”

Sep 03

The next time you’re out in public or watching some dumb reality show…

…keep track of how many times you hear the words actually, basically, and exactly.  I hear these words frequently.  

Aug 27

Lithotripsy.  I’ll explain later.

Lithotripsy. I’ll explain later.

Aug 26

A message to the media (and everybody else)

For just a small moment, can everyone stop hurling venomous insults and criticisms to Miley Cyrus and her VMA performance, and direct them toward Robin Thicke? Did we forget that he was part of the performance too? He must have agreed with Cyrus that it would have been a fun idea.

Jun 12

Visited the cats a few days ago.

This is Hoss:


He’s what I would look like if I were a cat.

These two kittens are Domino and Chessie:

And last is this gorgeous gray girl, Lilly:

Her info card said that she is a lap cat.  I would imagine all the cats here would prefer a lap over a cage.

May 20

Urges lost

For the past few months, I’ve tried to write posts for my Tumblr.  I never get more than a couple of paragraphs before slumping down and just forgetting about it.  I’ve lost my urge to write.  It is now difficult for me to keep this blog running without resorting to posting pictures and youtube videos.  But I feel that I need to do something with it on a regular basis. 

I’m in a slump at the moment, but hopefully I’ll stumble upon my missing urges sometime.

Apr 05

I sneezed and a cloud of dust burst through my monitor

I haven’t been posting on here and Twitter for some time.  There are many reasons for this, most of them personal.  But I’m hoping to start posting regularly soon.  I have a new job (I hope I can keep it), and I’m on a diet.  Hopefully my spirits will eventually be lifted and my brain will speed up again.

Apr 04

Thank you, Ebert

Thank you for helping me deal with my mental issues these past few years.  Thank you for corresponding with me when I needed your good words.  Thank you for reading my posts about when I stayed in the mental ward.  Thank you for letting me use one of your blog posts as a way to share interesting links with you.  Thank you for tweeting many of them.

Thank you for putting up with me.

I didn’t prepare myself for your death.

Mar 05

Apparently the blob is causing power outages.

Apparently the blob is causing power outages.